Potpiegirls Pinterest Success Strategies Review

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hello hello it is Jennifer from Popeye girl calm and today I would like to talk to you about how you can get paid to pin on Pinterest yes this is for real it’s not some bf thing where I get people to sign up and you get people to sign up and all that kind of junk it’s not that this is about how to make money pinning on Pinterest in other words doing what you’re already doing on Pinterest this is very real and I have to tell you it’s pretty brilliant so yeah I’m trying to figure out the best way to explain it the best way to explain it is to step back just a minute and I just want to tell you everyday I am so amazed at just how well my personal Pinterest strategies really work I know that sounds weird I mean I teach it I’ve tested it I do a set but I’m still just overly impressed with the magnitude of traffic that you can get from Pinterest I mean here are some stats from a little niche site of mine and I didn’t even mean for it to be a site I set it up more as a testing ground because I’m always testing conversion techniques and all kinds of things I’m testing and I also used it as a place for example blog posts for my members to go look at to see conversion techniques that work for me or what I’m testing and in the process I noticed that Pinterest was really starting to work for me and I went back in and analyzed what I was doing and made it better and better and I went from very few monthly views to getting gosh now I’m over 127 thousand page views a month and this is a very short time for a blog to have such improvement like that and now all that traffic is not just from Pinterest I know how to ranking vehicle too and but like I said the site was not set up to be a site but now it’s become a very Buhler little website and I’m very very thrilled with it and something I wanted to test okay you know work from midnight you know grass recipe follow block but can it work for a local business website because as I said my little test site was only getting 12,000 13,000 pages a month and I went to over a hundred and twenty-seven thousand page views a month and that’s a very very big deal so I tried on a client site and I made one blog post the way that I do in my Pinterest success strategies and then followed the way that I pin and you know the whole way I do things and I’m going to tell you it works that one post has had over fifty nine thousand page views since it was published that is just amazing I mean look at this all the traffic the site got in all of 2016 that is here this blue mark and this orange is the improvement in traffic from that one little blog post and the power of Pinterest and only in the first three months of this year it is outstanding and mesmerizing and like it it that’s just the sheer power of Pinterest gen right so that brings me to how do you get paid to pin on Pinterest and the thing is I really enjoy my time on Pinterest I just don’t see it as work I have you know a great image tool that makes him he can pin so very very easy and I have a scheduling tool which is anyone then I’m testing right now and it is a joy to work with I can attach multiple Pinterest accounts and Facebook page accounts and Twitter accounts and oh gosh all kinds of stuff and I can manage it all from one dashboard for example I can pin a pin to multiple Pinterest accounts in one scheduling action and very wonderful but I’m off topic here the thing is blog owners business site owners all of them they need improvement in traffic like this and they need to know how to get it from Pinterest and when you know how to do that and with them a little additional information you have all you need to learn how to pin on Pinterest because all those things are a recipe for a very successful business and I’m going to tell you Theo stay-at-home mom or if you’re looking you’re looking to do something online part-time that you can build up to full time the information I have in the rest of this post that you will find here on this page or if you’re watching this on YouTube and a link below it will explain to you exactly how to get paid to pin on Pinterest or how to make money getting on Pinterest and it’s just a genius idea there’s lots of fdq down there how much you can make per hour all of it so I just hope you will enjoy the rest of this toast and thank you for stopping by

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I work full-time for Waste Management and I earn an extra paycheck a month working part-time online at home.

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