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hi I’m Michael Dlouhy. .The founder of mentoring for free and mentor for free is about teaching you the skills you need to be successful in network marketing. Along with the skills you need the truth of how to be successful in network marketing.

I’m here today to expose the number one biggest scam perpetrated on the network marketing industry and that is buying leads. Ladies and gentlemen ninety-six percent of your group when you build your group are going to be part time people. Ninety-six percent, so ninety-six percent of the people doesn’t work to buy leads. Four percent of your team two people are going to be full-time professional network marketers. Yeah they can buy leads but for the large portion they can’t.

I built to the number one presidential distributor in my network marketing company today. Never bought leads. I never made a list of friends and family. I can teach you how to generate traffic on the internet. How to find people. Have them come to you pre sold on the internet and the telephone.

What I’d like to do is share a few testimonials that I’ve had emailed to me about this exact scam I’m talking about.

“Michael I have spent thousands of dollars buying leads. Being a blue personality I didn’t keep track of exactly how much but my guess is around ten thousand dollars. I spent anywhere from one dollar to fifteen dollars per lead and bought from several different brokers. I learned the script made the calls and sponsored a few people. But it wasn’t i wasn’t able to sponsor anyone who would duplicate what i was doing. Therefore i have no income today for my efforts of purchasing and working leads. I also bought autoresponder leads and purchased them monthly to put in a so-called system that sent out emails to these leads. I spent 250 dollars a month for six months. That’s another fifteen hundred dollars and sponsored no one using that technique.” Judy Sheehan Ontario Canada

Hello Micheal, “I would love to help you with this lead buying scam when involved with my company I was instructed to purchase leads. I spent forty five hundred dollars in six months out of that i sponsored four people who dropped out after the second month. One purchase fourteen hundred dollars worth That other second one purchased 600 in the same month. I purchased three thousand dollars worth of product my total bonus for the month was $73. I managed to retail most of my product when I discovered mentoring for free I started to investigate the company and found out that three of the lead companies had owned and when they were owned and operated by that big hitters in my company. My sponsor was a stay-at-home mom and after a few months she had to take a part-time job just to pay for her leads.

Thank you for doing this awesome tips ladies and gentlemen. You know network marketing is an amazing business. That can create amazing income and this comes from your largest portion of your team and that’s going to be part-time people. What I would say to you if somebody’s telling you to buy leads. What I would say to you is did you come in as a purchase lead. Put me on the phone with six people right in a row that came in as a purchase lead and they’re using a system and creating residual income.

Ladies and gentlemen it is your money. This is your life. This is your success. So click the Mentoring For Free banner below this video and it will allow you to get some more information. There’s a phone number that you can get a hold of the person that thought enough to send you this video. I would highly recommend you to get my book success in 10 steps. Success in 10 steps is a book that you can read in a couple of hours and it will give you a simple step-by-step action plan and why I can prove to you your lack of success is not your fault. Your lack of success ladies and gentlemen is not your fault. Let me prove that to you we’ve also got two skills trainings. One is the business model drives the behavior in the field. The other one is the five pillars. So please get back with the person that sent you this video and let us see what we can do to help you change your life thank you.

Share This With Your Friends 🙂

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