How To Get More Twitter Followers The Real Way

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How To Get More Twitter Followers The Real Way 2017



How to get more twitter followers






This video  is about how to get more twitter followers. Because I actually recently had a video that is how to
get followers on Instagram and it hit over 2 million views plus.  You guys are so awesome. I am so thankful for that. I’ve never really had a video hit that much. I mean I have another video just said like almost 4.8 million. I think that’s just like but BOOM!


I appreciate it so much from you guys and today’s video is just basically going to be how to get more followers on Twitter. I made another one of these videos back like a couple years ago. But I mean
come on we’re in 2016 we’re summer 16. Come on views from Drake we got four major run Beyonce. We got it we got to update everything. You got update everything but anyways let’s start it off. I got an iPad here don’t know why I got an iPad here because we can do all this on the phone.


Let’s toss that over there and let’s just go on the phone here. So first step is basically honestly obviously whatever words you want to use open up the Twitter app. Okay guys so obviously the first thing you guys want to do is just open up the Twitter app. As soon as that opens up you guys will obviously be


prompted with your timeline and everything like that. Let’s just go over here real quick. If you guys would like to follow me on instagram at curtis WJ it’s right there and as you guys see i’m at eleven point eight thousand followers. I’m only following 60 people. I’m just going to kind of tell you guys the tricks

and tips and every thang. That because believe it or not just because you know we’re at 36,000 followers here on YouTube that traffic doesn’t particularly or necessarily go straight to Instagram or Twitter or snapchat. So you gotta work at it no matter how big of a YouTuber you are. To get bigger on other social media so let’s start it off right here.

Let’s just go to the most obvious one and that is just liking people’s stuff. So let’s just say we go to the news to see whats up. Here you guys just come through you guys can just like people’s stuff. So I mean you guys can come on here sorry about that you guys can come on here and just click the like

button and what the like button does. Is it just gives people you know the notification that hey look you know who’s this person that just came through and liked it and see the right things the like would be such as coming over here to the home right here and finding a popular page such as this one right

here and then coming on to here and just going through liking everything because you’re liking retweets that they’re doing and when you’re liking retweets that they’re doing other people are liking the same thing they’ll get notifications they’ll see your account they’ll follow you which is awesome the other thing to do also is to come up here you can go to the followers on here and now since Twitter doesn’t

really have a following limit you guys can come on here and just pretty much mass follow as many people as you want when you guys come on here mass follow people then that also gives the thing where they get enough kissing that you followed them they’ll check out your profile they’ll like your

profile and then they will follow you which you just got new follower a couple days later you can unfollow everybody some people unfollow you but most people continue following you you just got a ton of followers it’s kind of cool how that works honestly so you can keep that on there it doesn’t have a

limit of how many people you can follow or unfollow such as Instagram does so I mean with that being said take advantage of it before they start putting limits on everything so right now mass follow as many people as you want so basically another thing is is also have an attractive account when people come on

the my account they’ll see a picture of me appear they’ll see that I like photography and video II and then they will also see Who I am right here so that just kind of gives them the idea that they get this you know search me online there and just kind of see get a feel of who I am and follow me such as if you had

an attractive bio and you know attractive cover photos everything that if you don’t have an attractive photo or anything that why would they want to follow you they’re gonna look at your account be like who is this thank you some spam person and so on so on so I mean that works very well the other ones

are going to work also is basically going on and commenting on people stuff so when you go to those attractive profiles like that like such as one with a hundred fifty seven thousand and come on here to just everybody that’s on here find one of their stuff and just sit there say hey check out my profile or

something like that such as you know clicking on something that they tweeted like this right here going to reply on the bottom right here and basically just going through and replying back to them so I mean it’s pretty cool and how that works as well right there the other thing also is is through what shout outs

and we’re talking about shout outs on Twitter yes they exist they’re awesome a lot of people are familiar with them on Instagram but they do exist on Twitter so I mean another way to get a you know for sure shout-out is to just follow me here on Twitter you know message me direct message me or just

comment on one of my photos it works better if you just like and comment on my stuff to kind of give me the idea that you are following me and that you are here for a shout-out then I go to my shout-out account on Twitter and shout you guys out you guys will get a couple hundred maybe a couple thousand

so basically with getting Twitter followers is you just have to be active be attractive not look wise but look on your profile make your profile attractive just you know make people want to come back to it you know tweet interesting things so just be active on here and people will follow you it’s a great way to do

it I was just at about 2000 just a couple weeks ago and nine nine eleven point eight thousand so I mean it’s working out pretty well so basically guys if we’re going to go over it follow me on Twitter here at Curtis W J tell me exactly what you guys want to do and or want a shout out and I’ll shout you guys out

and then be active go on other profiles go on popular profiles go on trendy profiles you know comment retweet favorite do all types just uh follow tons of people you know do everything you guys need to do to get followers so that basically sums up the video today guys if this video helped please give me a big

thumbs up and also if this video did help please subscribe and comment below thank you guys so much and I will see you guys next time

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