how to build a website for dummies

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how to build a website for dummies



hi guys it’s Nathaniel from one more cup of coffee and today I’m going to show you how to build a website for dummies

Now I’m on the siterubix site right here you can also start this process from the web page where you’re currently viewing this video or you can go to the site rubik site through one of my links

Then all you need to do is type the name of the website that you want in here it’s going to be the URL of your website

So let’s say I want to do home brewing so I’m going to do home brewing and you can see there it’s available

I actually like shorter domain names so i’m just going to go with homebrew

oh well somebody already has it so home brewing it is

Then we’re going to go to build my free website and then it’s going to bring you to this screen

Now I already have an account here if you don’t have an account it may or may not ask for for you to create a username

if it does it you know it’s totally FREE just put in your username and create a password and then you’ll be brought to this screen here

so I’ve got a URL here we’re going to give our name to our website

Here you can call this anything you can change it later the URL however you can’t change later so go to how we’re going to change it is going to be the name of my site for now

Oh then we want to choose a theme

There is I think there’s 12 themes that you get to choose from

There are some other ones but they’re there premium

A couple different styles I’m going to choose

This one right here and then all we need to do is this part right here

This step 4 will always appear in your screen then you click I’m ready to build my website

Now we’re ready to go and there you go your website’s done

Now my advice here is to wait maybe you know 30 seconds to a minute before you click on either of these links if you click on it to faster there may or may not be an issue with your ISP or something

It’s complicated anyway just give it a bit of time to make sure that your site is actually finished building

Then what we’re going to do is so you can see the live version of your site

Here see so that created the site no problem and then that’s it

You know this is the basics of your site obviously you need to add like text and pictures and you can move some of the stuff around and to do that all you need to do is click this link here it’s going to take you to the login screen

You can see your login form a login information down here I’ve got mine blurred out but I’m going to put that in and then now you are in the backend of your website and that’s going to be how you customize your website now it’s going to take a bit of tinkering around and there’s plenty of forums and you can also you know when you sign up for site Rubix you’re going to be given a 7-day trial of the live support and the various classroom support things that are available

I’m not going to go into it here you know if you want to know more about it you can ask me about an email you can have someone about it on the site

but for now you can just see that I you know I just created a website in about 30 seconds and now i have my own URL

here if I want to tell people about my hobby or I want to share it on like Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or email it to one of my friends

all i have to do is give them this link and then they can go and check out my site and this is a cool way to kind of you know advance your hobbies get a bit better at a share connect with people

Anyway I really like it and if it’s something that you think you might want to get into

you know it’s worth trying because it’s free and I hope it helps you get started with your favorite hobby turning it into a website and maybe even making money with it down the road

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I work full-time for Waste Management and I earn an extra paycheck a month working part-time online at home.

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