Best Home Based Business Opportunity

Best Home Based Business Opportunity

What is the best home based business opportunity. We that depends alot on what you like to do. I will list some of the best home based business opportunities and you can check them out. Besure to check out the end for a special offer.



home based business opportunities




1. Customer Service



This is usually a home based call center position. There are several major and minor companies that are offering home based call center positions. You will take inbound calls from customers with either billing, product or technical inquiries. This job would require some knowledge of the products and company platforms. The pay is typically around $12/hr. The major benifit is you are working from your home. Most companies do require you have a dedicated office area with high speed internet and a land line phone. Most also require you to be in a distraction free environment. Which may be dificult for some individuals with small children.



2. Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate marketing involves you selling a companies products for a commission. You get paid for every sale you make. The commissions depend heavily on the price of the product and how many units you can sell. This is a great option for parents because you can work from where ever you are. The downside is the time it takes to learn how and where to market your products. Most affiliate marketers have their own websites and drive traffic in a number of ways. There are free (monetary) ways to drive traffic but you will have to put in a lot of time learning and implementing various traffic methods. It is not uncommon for someone to spend years learning and building an affiliate business before even breaking even.




4. Off line methods      network marketing prospecting stratagies



This literally runs the gamot from home childcare, lawn care, house cleaning and the list goes on and on. This will require you have skill and equipment to perform these duties. Also depending on your choice of job and state some certifications may be required to operate these types of business. Not to say anything about insurance.



5. My recommended method – Network Marketing



Network marketing is the best home based opportunity because it allows you to build a team and get paid on all their efforts. Their are a lot of companies in the Network Marketing arena. Some however are MLM and some are not so you have to be sure you are joining a company that is not an MLM company. With MLM’s the pay plans are geared to the top leaders. But their are network marketing companies that have a tiered pay plan. But they are designed so the part time worker can earn money. Most of the companies unfortunately sell the same product by different names and prices. There are a couple that actually manufacture and sell their own products. This type of company is the one you want to join. Why, simple you are not trying to sell a product that is overpriced. Some network marketing companies come and go. You want to make sure the company has a solid foundation and has been in business to with stand any ups and downs. You will want to make sure the company offers training on products as well as how to enroll new customers. You should be able to find an income disclosure statement listed on the companies website.

Their you have several home based opportunities to choose from. Now as a thank you for reading the entire article I would like to offer you a free mentorship and coaching. I have studied several network marketing companies and can help you build your team in one I know you will love.